The Attributes of God

Many suggest that all religions worship the same God. The truth, however, is that each religion defines God VERY differently. Scripture reveals the true God very clearly and makes bold demands of us to look to Him alone.

The X-Factor in Teamwork

Message from . July 11, 2021. Category: Small But Wise

Words With Worldwide Impact

Message from . July 4, 2021. Category: Small But Wise

Impacting Our World

Message from . June 27, 2021. Category: Small But Wise

Men of Honor

Message from . June 20, 2021. Category: Sermon


Message from . June 13, 2021. Category: Sermon

After God’s Heart

Message from . May 22, 2021. Category: Inevitable Triumph

Pivotal Moments

Message from . May 15, 2021. Category: Inevitable Triumph

A Good Mother!

Message from . May 8, 2021. Category: Sermon

Shortcuts to Victory?

Message from . May 1, 2021. Category: Inevitable Triumph

God, What Are You Doing?

Message from . April 25, 2021. Category: Inevitable Triumph
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Theology Class 6: The Attributes of God

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