Pastor Mike Curtis


Called as a young man to the ministry, Mike attended Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va. where he received his Masters of Divinity degree. Some years later he moved to the metro Orlando area with his wife and family to plant Powerline Community Church.

Back to Basics

The church of America has long been large-meeting, entertainment oriented at its own expense. The world looks on in hopes to discover something real, not veneered; a glimmer of godliness, not glitz. Powerline is part of a large growing number of churches that embraces basic New Testament principles of church life.

Our Goal

The goal is to reach and disciple a generation to become passionate for God to the extent that they live a radical lifestyle of love.


At Powerline we endeavor to "change our generation with God's power", and to see the church world-wide become the church Christ intended it to be. This can never happen by a select few pastors, but only by the efforts of every believer. So at Powerline we equip believers to serve, they are the true "ministers". Discipleship is the bedrock of what we do. Mike has a special emphasis on discipling men (his wife Meredith discipling women) who will disciple others, training leaders, and equipping believers to reach the lost and care for one another. Mike also spends much of his time helping couples grow in their marriages and parental roles. Having a wonderful wife and 5 awesome children, he understands the importance of this.